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Affordable and super easy to install, the iSolar powered ventilation fans provide a range of versatility and comfort opportunity.
Experience versatility of the iSolar powered roof ventilation fan whether for your home, cottage or outdoor building.
made in canada

Endorsed by HGTV’s Bryan Baeumler Host of “Island of Bryan”

iSolar Attic Fan

isolar solar powered attic fan
iSolar 19W-MOD
Made in Canada
The 19W-Mod is a modular solar-powered attic fan. The fan is easy to install and can retrofit into most existing vent covers. Two units are recommended, that can be strategically placed on the roof for optimal airflow.
isolar powered attic fan snowventco filter
iSolar 19W-MOD-SNV
Made in Canada
Worried about ice damming during the winter? The 19W-Mod-SNV comes packaged with a Snowventco smart filter attic vent with micropore stainless steel filter technology. The filter is hail resistant, over 99% impenetrable to snow, rain, insects and vermin. It is CSA-approved and exceeds airflow requirements.
isolar solar powered attic fan
iSolar 19W-MOD-CRL
Made in Canada
The 19W-Mod-Crl mounts vertically into an 8”-9” cut wall hole. The fan and solar panel come with a crawl space adaptor. Two units are recommended, that can be strategically placed on the roof for optimal airflow.

iSolar Accessories

isolar snowventoco filter

SNOWVENTCO Smart Filter Attic Vent

Made in Canada
Blocks over 99% of snow and rain with Microport Stainless Steel Filter Technology. CSA approved. Available in four colours.

iSolar Adjustable Thermostat with Bypass Switch

Price: Call to Order
Get more flexibility out of your attic fan. Product specs include a 2m cable, adjustable thermostat (0°~50°C), manual bypass switch. Coming soon - a smart phone enabled, wireless thermostat with the same functionality.
isolar protective mesh fan guard

Protective Mesh Fan Guard

Price: Call to Order
Fan Guard to prevent fan blade damage and keep out animals.

Flexible Fan Base

Price: Call to Order
600mm x 600mm expanded aluminum fan base provides better flexibility to mount on metal or tile roofs.

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