A Sustainovation Company

At Distributed Energy Resources and Solutions (DER), we’re dedicated to revolutionizing building environments through sustainable innovation. Our mission is simple yet profound: to find, develop, commercialize, and distribute products that enhance the internal atmospheres of buildings.

Our products are designed to:

  • Enhance the quality of life within buildings.
  • Optimize energy usage.
  • Be easy to install and operate.
  • Simultaneously improve these crucial areas.

Established to uncover groundbreaking energy management and air quality systems, DER focuses on enhancing living and working conditions in buildings while maximizing operational efficiencies. From conceptualization to market entry, we meticulously evaluate each product’s viability, determine operational features, protect intellectual property, and prove effectiveness through initial sales.

Our products and services cater to:

  • Entities eager to implement cutting-edge energy and air quality technologies.
  • Companies demonstrating positive cash flow.
  • Organizations with a proven track record in multi-unit facilities, including institutional, multi-residential, commercial properties, and custom homes.